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Filming in Ecuador Looking for a film or photography production service company in Ecuador? Contact Us. Levector is an experienced production company that provides the skills of nearly 30 full-time professionals and dozens of talented freelancers in one of the countries with the most diverse landscapes in Latin America. Exotic locations including beaches, cityscapes, ports, Andean towns and Amazon populations with unique characteristics can all be found within hours of each other. Heavily entrenched in the growing film industry in the middle of the globe, we have access to low cost, experienced film crew and equipment. Our portfolio includes assorted works including TV commercials, animations, short films and music videos. So, what are you waiting for? Drop us a line and be part of this emerging destination for film production!

Our casting department, which is conformed of four enthusiastically, outgoing professionals, are constantly searching for new talents and profiles that fit the versatile needs in each one of our projects. The racial diversity that exists in Ecuador is a key element that makes this country an attractive casting resource. Ecuador’s population consists of the following ethotypes: Mestizos, Indigenous, Caucasian, Afro- Ecuadorian, Asian and Middle-Eastern. Our casting team, has built a proprietary database that includes over 5,500 leads. With this established resource, our casting agents have been able to explore and propose the best options in talent, while aiming to always meet the expectations set by Levector’s clients.

Geographically, Ecuador is located at the center of the earth. We have two seasons during the year, winter and summer. The country is divided into four parts: Costa, Sierra, Amazonia, and the Galapagos. The currents of the ocean heavily influence the Galapagos Islands and the coastal region. From May to December the currents maintain the temperatures cool 70F – 80F, with low probability of rain. The level above sea height determines the weather in the sierra region. Year round temperatures range from 50F – 75F.

ACOLITE - our department of production equipment. We function as a rental equipment house and are one of the most highly recommended rental companies in the country. Serving exceptionally as a production publicity and cinematography support team, we have become a department that has grown each day in inventory and experience. Especially, in our line of work, it is essential to count with a company that offers a great service, while having an extensive knowledge in a client’s need. ACOLITE is exactly that!

Our development and content department strives to create compelling, captivating and engaging films, always aiming to connect with audiences on a universal scale. Inspiration comes in every shape and form. Our mission as a creative developmental team is to construct those everyday insights into cinematographic visions that have the capability to transcend into the minds and worlds of everyone.


Ludeña, a native of Guayaquil is an extreme sportsman who is passionate for new challenges and obstacles. His life motto: when one conquers their biggest challenges, one evolves as a person. Millán's new adventure in this 90 minute documentary is to set the first athletic GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® for Ecuador.



A team of marine wildlife ambassadors prepare themselves for a great feat. Pierre Cousteau, son of the world famous scuba diver, Jacques Cousteau, and internationally renowned free-divers show us how man and nature can reunite and co-exist with marine wildlife.


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