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Are you looking for production services to film or shoot in Ecuador?

Levector is a seasoned production company with over thirty full-time professionals and dozens of talented freelancers. We are located in one of the most diverse locations in Latin America and in the world. Ecuador, offers exotic locations such as beaches, cities, ports, Andean towns and Amazonian rainforests. The country offers a unique population for casting and features four regions in one place: the coast, the highlands, Galapagos and the Amazon. All of these places are in short distance from each other.

We are involved in the growing cinematic industry, right in the middle of the world. We have access to film equipment and experienced crews at affordable and low rates. Our portfolio includes a variety of work ranging from; commercials, animations, music videos, shorts and feature length documentaries.

So, what are you waiting for?

E-mail us and be part of this emerging destination for your film production!

Filming in Ecuador


Being literally in the middle of the world, Ecuador benefits from hosting different ethnic groups on its lands that include people from Europe, Africa, Asia, and from all parts of America. The country has both modern and completely globalized communities, as well as, indigenous nationalities that in some cases, have had little contact with the Western civilization.

We believe that each idea and project deserves to have the ideal protagonists in order to achieve their maximum potential. That is why we are proud to offer a catalog of actors with profiles that can reflect the appearance, style, traits and culture of people from any part of the world.


Ecuador is the perfect destination when searching for locations due to its ecological, geographic and cultural diversity. It offers recreation to any type of setting. If your production demands a tropical forest, a paradisiacal beach, moors with snowy hills and volcanoes, or an archipelago full of exotic species, you will find it here and just a few hours away.

The country is home to more than eighty micro-climates and temperatures that range from 44F to 104F, depending on the region and season. In Ecuador we have very stable daylight hours and fixed weather conditions each season so you can plan filming at any time of the year and be in different regions or climates in just a matter of hours.

Drop us a line! We would love to hear your ideas and see what new opportunites can come about collaborating together.

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